Wish و Hope تو ترجمه تقریبا هم معنی میشن اما تو زبان انگلیسی این دو کاملا متفاوتند. به این ویدیو دقت کنید که برای سطح B1 مناسبه.

Wish and Hope are two very different words and are used quite differently. Let’s watch this video to find out more. B1 students will find this video useful.

تو این ویدیو کلمات و عبارات زیر رو پیرامونwishوhopeیاد میگیریم

 Regret: a feeling of sadness or disappointment over something that one has done or failed to do
Example: Wish is used to talk about regrets.

 Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result
Example: Hope is used to talk about goals.


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